Prof. Dr. B. Kaiser

Thanks to a clear strategy and consistent implementation of the corporate programs developed, Compor AG can offer its customers a long-term, solid and attractive value proposition.

Compor AG is a leading European provider of comprehensive consulting solutions. The basis for the company's success is a clear strategy, strong corporate values and a brand with charisma.

Trends crucial for realizing potential

The social and economic consequences of development affect many areas and cannot be overestimated in importance. Self-determination and success form the essence of the company.

The changing environment exerts just as great an influence. In the relationship with customers, innovation, process reliability and competence are in demand. Customers are increasingly well informed, can compare services instantly and demand advice and products.

Continuity and consistent implementation of strategic goals

Compor AG reports regularly on its strategic priorities and the associated financial targets. Last year Compor AG presented the current corporate program. The basis for the corporate program are the predecessor programs, both of which have been successfully completed and have sustainably strengthened the competitive position despite a challenging environment.

Prof. Dr. B. Kaiser